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On Friday Nov 25th my children, and my grandchildren visited your place for the first time to shoot skeet.

Everyone including myself had a great time, and would recommend anyone to go and have some fun doing what we still like best, shooting....

It was a perfect day, hosted by some great people.

Thanks so much,  Herman Harrington, Monroe NC

Yesterday, for what must have been the tenth (or more) time, we had a wonderful hunt at Rock Haven Farms.  Seven members of our family were there (three generations).  We hunted over excellent dogs and top notch guides!  As always, I was very impressed with the emphasis that was placed on Safety.  That emphasis started with the pre-hunt safety talk and continued until all the guns were returned to their cases.  Rocky and everyone connected with Rock Haven Farms certainly know how to make you feel right at home.  It should also be noted that Rocky also has a special person who just puts frosting on the cake.  That would be Miss Vicki his wife.  When we returned from the hunt, she had a feast waiting for us.  If you get the impression that we enjoy going to Rock Haven Farms, you are correct!
Robert DeWitt
Monroe, NC

As always a day at Rock Haven is an awesome experience in the outdoors.  The tower shoot last Saturday was a great experience for me and my son and a way for us both to connect again.  The Homesley Family is so welcoming and I felt like we were at a Thanksgiving dinner with the meal they provided after the hunt.  Thank you for a great day and a safe hunt for me and my son.  I know we'll be back for years to come.


My first trip to Rock Haven - Exceeded my expectations

I would like to thank Kim Cabe for giving me the opportunity to meet some of the nicest people I have ever met. As we pulled into the driveway at Rock Haven I saw this magical view of prime bird country and beautiful fishing ponds that bring chills to your spine.

As we rolled past the kennel  I could see the smoke rolling from the fire out behind the head quarters of Rock Haven.  The pointers and short
hairs smiled as we road back to a beautiful, rustic, modern palace, just waiting to make your dreams come true.

Rocky, Jim, and Morris hung by the fire and shook my hand, welcoming me to Rock Haven Farms.  We shared a hot coffee and laughed together.  We talked about how Dakota was working the birds and how quickly Rocky had turned her into one heck of a Short Hair Masterpiece.  We laughed and said, Dakota never lies, when she points, "But we're still working her to perfection"

As a resident of Michigan, and having many hunting experiences around the country,  my heart was taken to a whole new level when I finally had
a chance to meet the O'L boys of Rock Haven.

The birds were fast flying and challenging to the highest level, the land was breath taking, and the dogs (Thanks Kim for Dakota!) were the

After my expectations on birds were exceeded by 110%, I reflect back on the memories of sharing coffee with Rocky, Jim, and Morris,  and it made
me realize how the relationships we build with people along the way mean so much in life.

Rock Haven provides a southern style atmosphere, with kind people, real people.  And their goal is to make your stay with them a memory to last
a life time.  I got mine!

Rocky, Jim, Morris, Kim & Dakota.

Thanks Boys!

Blessings from Michigan,

Brian Welch


Hello Rocky,

I wanted to 'Thank You' and your team for an outstanding Pheasant Tower Shoot on 10/25/14.  It was the first Tower Shoot the I've ever done and I questioned whether it would be sporting or not.  Well, that question was put to rest rather quickly! Let's just say, I'll be back for the next one.

The birds flew well and were much tougher than I thought they would be. The terrain of your property and the layout of the 20 stations gave us many different looks as these birds came into view. We had birds in the open sky like doves, a few cruising through the woods and some that came at us as they went across the pond. We had to adjust for the presentation that each station gave us. That's good stuff!

I liked that we couldn't clearly see the tower since it added to the anticipation while waiting for each bird. It kept us alert for the whole shoot. Your dog handlers were great guys and all willing to help find a bird in the thick cover. You have some good people out there. 

I cooked the pheasant in the crock pot on Sunday in a recipe that included golden mushroom soup, bacon, onions, etc etc. They were great! I look forward to the next Tower Shoot that you host, and I hope it will be sooner than later. 

Oh, and last but not least, the spread of food you put out really hit the spot after 3 hours of shooting. Nice job Rocky!


John F

Matthews, NC


After years of hunting with Rocky and his dogs I broke down and bought a pup of my own.  I worked with her and took her as far as I could and then brought her to Rocky for the finishing touches.  Ida Mae is a 6 month old GSP and is well on her way thanks to Rocky.  Between the two of us she has had over 50 birds shot over her already and is a champion in the making. She holds strong and never busts the covey. She has impressed everyone that has had the pleasure of seeing her work.  Thank you Rocky for all your hard work. Ida and I look forward to years of teamwork and hunting with the skills you have taught us both.




As a first time bird dog owner I was in need of a trainer for my 9 month old Golden Retriever pup. After lots of searching I found Rock Haven and I am sure glad I did. I met with Rocky to check the place out and was really impressed, he has a deep knowledge of dogs, and took all the time I needed to answer all my questions. Over a hot cup of coffee and some sausage biscuits I decided to have her train with Rocky. After two months of training we had our first big hunt today and she did great! She worked close, tracked some big rooster pheasants, flushed strong, and retrieved those big birds without a problem. I couldn't be happier with all she learned and can't wait to get her out there again.
Aside from the great training, the property is beautiful, the birds fly high and fast, the people are friendly, and the hospitality is outstanding.
Thanks again,
Jason M


I brought my 9 month old GSP, Dakota to rocky 3 weeks ago, I hunted her for the first time today. She was awesome! She was on the birds quick and locked up solid on point. I shot the second bird in the pond and she didnt hesitate to water retrieve.  If you have a GSP take it to Rocky, he will bring their instincts out and show them their job they were bread for.  This is my first pointer and I have a feeling I will be going to Rocky's place alot in the next few months. Now all I have to do is to get him to train me and I will be good to go.

You can't find a better place anywhere in these parts to go hunt birds, his place is well kept,service and hospitality are second to none.  Even though I've only known those guys about 3 weeks,they treat you like old friends. Great bunch of down home guys.

Kim Cabe

Lincolnton, NC


Another good hunt at Rock Haven Farms.  Everyone seemed to have plenty of shooting and as usual Vicki did a wonderful job with the food.  The barbecue was good but the cherry pie and pound cake were absolute killers.  Been hunting at Rock Haven with my sons and friends for about 12 years and we always have a great time.  We annually make the dove hunt and a couple of quail hunts later in the season.  This is a great way to introduce young hunters to the sport.  Rocky and Vicki put on a first class hunt.

B Beasley
Dallas, NC


Monday the 23 of Dec. My grandson and friends had a great day hunting, Grandson's first hunt.  The folks at Rock Haven made it an experience he will always remember.  From the starter with skeet shooting to the full afternoon hunt it could not get any better.  Thank you Rocky and company, I'm pretty sure the Grandson will be back many times. 

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I have been coming to Rock Haven Farms for over 18 years working with Rocky and two GSPs.  Rocky really knows how to get into the head of these dogs and bring out their best.  He has a gentle hand and a real love for each dog, but he is especially generous with the dogs who have been pressured too much with a previous trainer.  I have been hunting at Rock Haven for all these years enjoying the fast flying birds and rolling piedmont landscape being treated like family by these wonderful people.

Steve Marler
Charlotte, NC


I have enjoyed many hunts with Rocky.  If you haven't enjoyed a hunt over one of Rocky’s dogs, your hunting experience isn't complete.  Rocky and Miss Vicki give new meaning to the term, “Southern Hospitality.” 
Monroe, NC


I've been coming to Rock Haven farms and enjoying Rocky's place for many years now.  My parents, brothers and children have all enjoyed hunts and events with Rocky and Vicki.  When ever my sons come to the Carolinas in the hunting season for a visit they always ask if we can go out to Rocky's  The land is beautiful, the birds fly fast and the hospitality is perfect.  I've hunted for over 40 years and sure have had some great hunts but hunting over Rocky's dogs is something every hunter should experience.  There's always a hot cup of coffee waiting for you and awesome home made sausage and biscuits to follow shortly.  Thank you Rock Haven for such a great place to hunt and enjoy the outdoors.

Lincolnton, NC

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