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You could be in the field hunting before you could get through
Asheville driving out west.

                                 »  Don't let bad weather interrupt your hunting trip
                                 »  Save the gas and travel time
                                 »  No need for out of state license fees
$  Save thousands of dollars right here at home

Wouldn't you rather be hunting than on the road driving?
If you've only hunted pheasants out west you've never hunted pheasants in the pines.

Try a new challenge in the tall pines with fast flying birds and plenty of them on your next pheasant hunt.

Hunt over your own dog or hunt over one of Rocky's national champion pointers.  Rock Haven Farms offers the finest pheasant hunts in the Carolinas from the tall pines to natural pheasant habitat out in the fields.  We have the mix for every pheasant hunter and his dog. 

My Father and I and our hunting companions have hunted all over this great country from Texas quail and dove to Wisconsin grouse, pheasant and snipe, many hunts in Missouri and Indiana as well as the Dakota's for pheasant.  We've never felt more at home nor had more fun hunting pheasant than we have at Rock Haven Farms.  The birds have great natural habitat and hold well so be ready and get close.  We've been hunting pheasant with Rocky for nearly a decade and every time we go we have a new memory that tops the list of lifetime best hunts.  The farm is a perfect setup for pheasants with mixed habitat having both open and tight quarters shooting making it fun, fast and exciting.  The hospitality can't be beat.  The farm is beautiful and a joy to hunt.  Rocky's dogs are like nothing we've ever experienced and if you like to hunt pheasants you need to add a hunt over his dogs to your memory list.   We no longer have our own dogs but if you do, this is a great place for you to work your favorite hunting partner over a few ring neck pheasants.  I can assure you if you go once you'll go for years to come every chance you can.  Our entire family, Mom included,  have enjoyed the Homesley hospitality and many times we've hunted pheasants with three generations together on his farm.  We're all very thankful for Rock Haven Farms and the family memories they have given us.

Thank you Rocky and Vicki Homesley,
The DeWitt Family

Three generations and we keep coming back.

If you don't have your own dog, Rock Haven Farms offers the finest hunting dogs in the nation for you and your family to hunt over and enjoy your next pheasant hunt.  If  you do have your own dog come visit us.  You and your dog will love the natural habitat and cover.

Rocky and Vicki Homesley
3346 Tryon Courthouse Road
Cherryville, NC 28021

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